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How to make high-temperature aging room more energy!
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1 on the use of demand-side issues on aging have clarity and can not say that the high temperature range, causing confusion to the design side, increasing the amount of energy design. Figuratively speaking, that is a specific size of the aging room, if it is in accordance with the 50-degree design, you may only need 12KW heating power, but if designed in accordance with 70 degrees, then you need to add at least 14KW of heat. Thus, the design approach than, 50 degrees and 70 degrees to the design approach and the more the amount of heat the material savings. 
2 aging room insulation properties must do. This requires efforts on the heat storage body. This fact, each of the manufacturers do aging room will do. Some customers just to save construction costs two saved the surrounding insulation to maintain the structure, which will result in the loss of heat during operation and increased output plus heat when the thermostat. 
3 aging room at runtime, circulating fan is a must to keep on running, which is the aging room during operation of a relatively large energy loss. This energy saving is more intuitive, and who's overall transport wind power motor is smaller, higher energy efficiency who (in the case of heat plus the same). 
4 in the operation, to minimize the number of times the door, open the door, the more the number, the more heat is lost. 
     The above points, as long as well, I believe customers will'll have a more energy-efficient in the use of the aging room! What energy-saving method of high temperature aging room there. professional to produce high-temperature aging room manufacturers - Dongguan City, China Qi Detection Instrument Co., Ltd. 
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